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System BrahmaSatya TM



Spiritual Awakening!

Material Prosperity!

These are just some of the things that You, like every other individual, aim to achieve. All this and more is possible through System BrahmaSatya TM .
System BrahmaSatya TM was founded in 1997 by Mr. Deepak Hardikar (Known by his spiritual name “Agnapushpanjal”). “Brahma Satya,” meaning

“The Universal Truth,” provides a practical applied approach to spiritual science. Its simplicity and result oriented workshops make it easy for individuals to find solutions to every problem in their lives. The Vision of BrahmaSatya TM Energy Healing is to improve the quality of life and bring forth happiness, peace, spiritual awakening and material prosperity through spiritual healing, consultations, guided meditations and training workshops related to body healing, mind evolution and soul ascension. Its mission is to make a truly worthwhile contribution in creating a confident dynamism in every individual that continues to spread the healing light of love and truth, righteously creating and establishing firmly strong structures of universal complete wellness for one and all.

Brahma Satya is a self-evolved name for an applied spirituality pathway. The system relates to deep study and practice of principles of universal brotherhood and love. This spreads wellness, knowledge, truth, trust and righteous growth through the active use of naturally flowing universal core energy. This universal core energy is referred as Shiva-Shakti. It is this very balanced core energy that forms the basis of attaining the self-realized goal of complete wellness relating to body, mind and spirit.

While BrahmaSatya TM uplifts individuals in spiritual terms, it also improves the quality of their life while not calling for any changes to be implemented by the individual.

For this, it follows a purposeful practical path applying the highest levels of spirituality so as to provide:

a. Solutions that enable one to address problems related to the body, mind, and spirit.

b. Solutions transcending barriers of distance or physical presence.

c Solutions that heal astrological effects, business, house, relationships, and even karmic issues.

System Brahma Satya emphasizes upon the practical usage of its spiritual concepts upon the areas of varying real needs relating to:

 physical health (chronic, acute, incurable, infectious, emergency or even beauty enhancement),

 emotional & mental balance and wellness (anger, impatience, anxiety, fear, worry, depression, aggression, prosperity, greed, memory, concentration, peace, happiness, relationships, work, career, business, restlessness, relaxation or even education)

 spiritual growth (astrological influences, aura management, chakra refinement, being alignment, ancestral blessing, karmic dissolution, ascension and self-realization).

System BrahmaSatya TM began its journey on Aug.7, 1997 when its founder Deepak Hardikar, a skeptic engineer, was blessed with the realization of this Divine knowledge. His experience enlightened him to understand revolutionary concepts of the universe, and various aspects of healing in a manner unheard of before. His practical and skeptical nature drove him to research further and practice these concepts until he was convinced that this phenomenal system was truly unique and should be experienced by
each and every individual in the Universe.

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In this movement of Light and Love
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Through the Lessons of Learning; And, The Services of

Krish Wellness is a Wellness Center that functions principally providing practical application services relating to health, fitness and personal care, family or work related problems using the concepts of System Brahma Satya.

The center promotes and organizes training or service visits of Brahma Satya Founder and other Certified Trainers. It is also engaged in organizing counseling or yoga camps at various locations.