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(Also known as Shri Agnapushpanjal in Spiritual World)

Deepak Hardikar is an engineering graduate from India. He graduated in mechanical engineering from Regional Engineering College, Silchar, Assam, one of the premier engineering education institutes of India.

His interest in natural energy works drew him into the spiritual healing field. Very soon, true to his inherent nature commenced a deep study and developmental work in this infinite ocean. The lack of analytical approach and available scientific data in this field served as food stock for him to draw himself deep into this very area. Thus began a long and arduous process of incorporating an analytical scientific approach to the deep levels of understandings attained in the spiritual energy field.

Ever since it evolved in 1997, Sri Deepak is wholly dedicated to the promotion of System Brahma Satya. As an enlightened soul, he is engaged in awakening the interested to the deepest insights of spirituality through a practical and realistic approach. He is actively involved in the art of healing and training related to the system and travels frequently for this purpose. He has been invited for the purpose of extending lessons and services from various places around the world.

He is blessed with the knowledge of various hidden spiritual arts and sutras, and many all over the world have experienced the divine grace that moves and spreads through him. His mandate is to take System Brahma Satya into the hearts of people, enriching them in all the levels of their existence. He is known to adopt unconventional and innovative methods to activate inner consciousness into ground moving. It is quite an experience to journey through the ascension path with him. He is a firm believer of the philosophy of lighting up the inner lamp within the core being of an individual, through a process of respect towards freewill. For the same,
he offers himself wholly and completely to individuals so that they enable themselves to light their own lamp of love within themselves with their own freewill.

He has wide practical experience and has personally solved many critical problems of even incurable grade including brain hemorrhage, cancer, psoriasis, shingles, severe infections and neurological problems through the healing methods developed by him.

He has successfully completed merging the sky energy on ground earth, thus creating a moving of universal consciousness at ground level. Many have reported having experienced a complete turnaround for good to their life after having come in his contact and taking lessons and guidance from him. They seem to generate for themselves a greater purpose to their lives with their own freewill. The heart opens up to truth and love and they understand the true meaning of service through this association. He has always been reported to provide true guidance for fastest progress to individuals in any field of individual choice. While he always simply projects himself as a servant of divine will and a friend in need for all, many look at him as a guru and a friend.

The Founder of this movement, Sri Deepak Hardikar, has attained an eternal spiritual positioning announced by the descent of the self-name ‘AGNAPUSHPANJAL’.

Agnapushpanjal is a highly evolved spiritual state that has eternal placement in the cosmos. It is a state that evolves through a typical combination of the elements ‘Agni’ (fire), ‘Vayu’ (air that has a pleasing fragrance in it and which is represented through pushpa or flowers) and ‘Jal’ (water).

This is a highly evolved state wherein at first an optimized unification is attained for the fire and the air, which is followed by its emergence from the depths of water. In other terms, Agnapushpanjal also represents a combination of Agni (fire), Pushpa (flower) and Anjali (offering), meaning that this represents such a state of evolved consciousness that floral offerings are made through fire. That is, this represents an immense drive that moves forth offering the tender softness of flowers.

It has been a tremendous ordeal that Sri Deepak Hardikar went through in attaining this state. He went through a process of spiritual self annihilation (stage of fire), attained ‘Mukti’ or liberation from the bondage of the real world or got free from the bondage of karmic debts (stage of air) and attained ‘Moksha’ or salvation from oceanic depths (stage of water).

Having oneself gone through all of this emerged this unique state that is empowered to transform fire retaining its inherent quality such that it becomes so very tender that it appears like tender flowers, that bring forth fragrant happiness in the surroundings and expands in the abundant oceanic eternal bliss.

It is by itself highly evolving just to be in mere presence of this Agnapushpanjal state which Sri Deepak Hardikar represents as he continues to journey ahead smiling, laughing and enjoying the company of the surrounding in the manner as it is, be it of any kind. And many have just begun to experience this in actual with Sri Deepak as their Friend and Mentor, as the journey of Brahma Satya continues to move on.