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I would like to share my experience about his healing techniques.

On Sep 30, 2014, my wife had her usual (once in a couple of years frequency) typical migraine symptoms of blurred vision followed by nausea. This time she eventually felt different and asked to be taken to hospital instead of the usual waiting it out.

On the way to the hospital I called Mr.Hardikar as I know him from an earlier case in the family. He immediately suggested doing an MRI at the hospital.

We went to the nearest decent hospital and the on duty staff that night wasted the whole night and morning of the next day on symptoms like high sugar etc.- they suspected high sugar induced comatose state.

By the time we had reached the hospital my wife had lost most onsciousness. They did not do an MRI- the focus was on getting the sugar under control which was 350+ at the time of hospitalization.

The morning while the doctors were still struggling with her consciousness, I called DH and told him about the line of treatment and he calmly told me over the phone that the sugar would have come down to 250 level and it  actually was as he could sense remotely !

Eventually the doctors did the MRI and informed me that she had suffered a stroke of the hypothalamus + left Cerebellum. We shifted her to a better hospital in Pune.

I still remember the expression on the face of the Director of Neurology at Ruby Hall Hospital, Pune, when he saw her MRI and condition. It indicated a not so great prognosis and that put things in perspective. She by this time was 20+ hours into the episode, unconscious.

All this while I was in touch with DH and had requested him to intervene with his techniques and healings in parallel. While the doctor approached the case medically they did set expectations about permanent damage (including coma) and a very long recovery.

All this while DH was at work in terms of energy flow/blockage and assured that she will come out of this and road to full recovery could be 6 months plus. After spending couple of days in the ICU and after the threat to life was reduced we looked at the damage done, whole left side of the body was affected including both limbs (could not stand/balance/walk), speech and ability to swallow was affected not mentioning incoherence and impact to cognitive faculties.

At the time of discharge in couple of weeks the doctor was pretty direct in acknowledging that it was a miracle she survived but it will be a long road to recovery.

DH took her case as a special case with personal healings and asked me to also do a couple of tasks related to removing manifestation of the root cause negativity in terms of wax/or something from my wife’s ears. Within the next 3-5 months with help from physio-therapy etc. my wife made a miraculous recovery in terms of regaining 95% function of the left side of her body (some residual fine motor effect in the left hand) and all other faculties back to normal.

The Director of neurology did acknowledge the speed of the recovery and told us to consider ourselves as extremely lucky on the damage and speed of recovery.

In this whole episode, I clearly felt DH’s healings working in parallel as catalyst to the medical intervention- adding to and accelerating the recovery. Medicine alone does not explain the remote diagnosis, evaluation and speed-extent of the recovery. Since 2015 we live a normal and content life thanks to DH.

ThanksSandeep Bisen