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Healing Enquiries

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These are taken up by Brahma Satya when there is a need based requirement of it in the mass public. Brahma Satya goes into this area only when there is a genuine need for it. This is entirely dependent on the community’s need for it.

Brahma Satya does not discriminate on the basis of country, religion, race or gender. That is the bottomline of Brahma Satya. Humanity is prime, above all. That is the highest god will universally. 

The biggest advantage with our approach is that there is absolutely no chance of any adverse effect, One can only benefit from it.

We have no affiliation with any political group or ngo and we have no godfather. Our strength is truth that is known on ground of reality that is beyond the periphery of influence of above circles.

In the pandemic time, we have come up with Bytus Protection. This follows all guidelines issued by government or health bodies. We have called it a baby step that has been taken. The baby has arrived !!. Can it have a true parent? A big question unanswered. 

We intend to stretch these mass healings into other areas as well, which we have ourselves identified in the area of health. 

Coming Soon !!


Management of Diabetes with Energy Methodology