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This is with respect to the healing experience and our interactions with Mr. Deepak Hardikar for treatment of my father-in-law Mr.Ajit Kale here in the United Kingdom.

Please feel free to use this email as you want along with the reports given.

My father in law visited us in May 2019 in United Kingdom where me & my wife work. As soon as he landed here, he started feeling unwell with fever, chills, very low blood pressure, jaundice & severe breathing problem.

We admitted him to the hospital here in NHS hospital in Warwick, England.

On admission, the doctors declared him extremely critical with liver abscess filled with pus which had ruptured. This was a case of SEPSIS and his organs had started to fail (Kidney, Heart, Brain & Lungs). The doctor told us he would at most survive for 4-5 hours as the rupture has spread across the body.

The first thing I did was to contact Mr. Deepak Hardikar and appraise him of the situation. We knew him from our earlier healing experience when he had miraculously saved our twin infants in NICU critical care at birth.

Mr. Deepak was honest & critically told us about the situation being quite  bad and the approach he would use to try and get him out of danger. We told him to start the healing right away. 

The doctors started the surgery of my father in law meanwhile as there was no other option left and they wanted to give a last try. Post the operation, he was in ICU overnight and the next morning we were told that the organ failure was contained and it was not worsening. Though he was on ventilator & dialysis and still critical. That really gave us a hope that he might survive.

I later understood from Mr.Deepak had been doing healing for a continuous 24 hours and more post our call to him which we think is the ONLY reason he came out of surgery and organ failure was stopped when the doctors had given him just few hours.

His healing continued for 15 days for getting him out of ICU. The amoebic liver SEPSIS is a unknown disease in developed country like UK and so the doctors were quite delayed in response as they accepted later as they had to co-ordinate with rare disease units. 

We kept following Mr.Deepak’s instructions that he gave over phone and sending him information that he needed constantly to get the healing done.
After 15 days, discharge from ICU was done and transferred to normal ward. His healing enabled him to get fit -to -fly after 15 days and while he was being transferred to India, he provided continuous healing support so that there is no untoward problem in the travel flight.

After travel back to India, he was admitted directly to Nanavati hospital where he was  admitted for 15 more days for complete recovery.

Today, my father-in-law leads a very normal life with all his organs working at 100% I do not think he would be alive (to be honest) if Mr.Deepak Hardikar would not have done the healing.

The healings are priceless.The energy, time & effort he put into getting him out of death jaws is stupendous. 
The reports, discharge summary is all available and shared with you.

Gitika Kale