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Deepak Hardikar has been extending his guidance through consultation over many years now. He is gifted with a unique psychic ability, which he uses combined with the knowledge of Ramal, Tarot, Vedic Astrology & Brahma Satya Vibration Checks.

He focuses upon the problem area and tends to provide precise guidance towards its resolution. This goes with his firm belief that the best way to solve a problem is not to have it. He is also a master in providing simple solutions to complex problems. This is in perfect alignment with the law of the universe that says, true solutions are simple.

He uses this method in analysing and projecting probability for any healing case to be taken up also.

This consultation can be sought for health/disease, wealth prospects, business deal prospects, relationship compatibility, career prospects, education prospects, etc.

Contact info@brahmasatya.com to send us your problem and a tailor made solution to it.