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Healing Enquiries

Mon - Sun: 7AM - 7PM


Private Healings can be requested by the interested individuals. These are personally attended by Deepak Hardikar, either directly or through assigning of case to other healers of Brahma Satya. These are paid healing that are provided on Long Distance only. 

Charges vary as per pre-assessment of case done by him. 

These can be requested for

  1. Chronic Ailments 
  2. Serious Ailments or Emergency Conditions
  3. Prosperity enhancements
  4. Relationship issues
  5. Children’s education
  6. Career growth
  7. House energy corrections
  8. Other than listed above.

Charges applicable for paid healings are on monthly basis.

Confidentiality is maintained on these healings.

Send us an email on : healme@brahmasatya.com