Brahma Satya Mudra – Training Course



Brahma Satya Mudras – The Science of Elements.

The Science of Elements consists of simple exercises using the five
fingers of the hand, and is an easy healing art based on palm & finger
positioning. These exercises channelize elemental energies into the acupressure
points of the palms. These energies act on the physical and mental aspects of
life through harmonizing the five elements and correcting any of the prevailing

They are simple to practice and benefit all individuals to maintain their health,
provide mental peace and resolved strength.
Practice of the Science of Elements is especially beneficial for children. It is easy
to learn and can be done anywhere at any time.

How is it beneficial for children?

 Children’s mental energies become stronger, making them brighter
 Balance of the 5 elements in the body enables them to be more focused,
increasing concentration levels and also memory.
 If practiced regularly, it helps the children to be better individuals as they
grow, as they do not go through as many of the hormonal imbalances as
children do during puberty.
 Children would be friendlier and more amenable to listening to advice as
balance in the elements also brings about decrease in anger levels,
increase in productivity and ambition.

In order to educate children about this Science and encourage its use in
daily life, workshops can be held in the school premises.

20 – 25 students can be accommodated in each session that would last
for about 30 mins.

A manual will be given to all students to take home what they’ve learnt
and practice.

This is open to all students 7 yrs and older.


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