Brahma Satya Siddhi – Training Course





Brahma Satya Siddhi is the stream that has evolved out of endorsed spiritual attainments. Endorsement of the universe comes in the form of miraculous manifestations on the physical plane. Each of the trainings imparted under this section are a result of endorsement, either directly with the founder or through dedicated followers of Brahma Satya. Endorsements represent lifetime spiritual level attainments. These remain active as a sheer powerful blessing that can be used for self, others or can even be transferred to others for their use. Transference of Siddhi method can be done only by the founder or the individual who became a party to the manifestation.


Given below are some of such manifestations.


  1. Bindi
  2. Om Pendant
  3. Sinduur
  4. Bangle
  5. Body marks
  6. Divinity marks
  7. Oil
  8. Amrit Water
  9. RingĀ 
  10. Divine Idol


Siddhi represents a different category of healing meditation. It bypasses theories and gets straight into the practical application.


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