BYTUS Immunity Shield – 1 Month Subscription / Person

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“Brahmasatya Yogmayaasya Trayambakam Urjaswi Sanjeevani (BYTUS) “is a protection solution that is very much essential in the current world situation.

This is a healing that provides an energy shield against virus that is constructed using a combination of the highest order

-Siddhi methods – Yog siddhis,

-Brahma Sutras,


-Blessings of Tryambakam

These evolved in the system of Brahma Satya through a validation of the universe’s endorsement on the worldly plane.

This protective energy is helpful for all manner or viruses. However, at this time, it is being geared towards working more on areas like the throat, nose, ears, eyes and lungs that are more easily affected by any flu like virus.

Benefits of BYTUS:

  • Shields from negativity
  • Removes prevailing negativity
  • Transforms negativity into positivity
  • Strengthens immunity levels
  • Rejuvenates cellular structure
  • Activates inner healing mechanism

Field trials have been ongoing since mid January 2020 and has been seen to be extremely effective in providing a support against infections of any nature, enhances strength of resistance levels, has curative qualities and builds a good health.

*Bytus Protection* is like a health insurance.
One doesn’t take it because one is sick.
One takes it to be able to avoid it.

” Prevention is better than cure”

“ENTER THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE YOU WANT THE PROTECTION FOR IN THE BOX BELOW .E.g For a family of 4, you can enter 4. The names of the people & age can be given in checkout notes when you proceed with order in the next ordering steps.”

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4 reviews for BYTUS Immunity Shield – 1 Month Subscription / Person

  1. admin

    Thanks for this service. It seems to work.

  2. admin

    Thanks for letting my family a part of this .


  3. Anonymous

    This protection has been very instrumental in getting the family disease free in these times

  4. Anonymous

    It is wonderful service by System Brahmasatya. The protection is manifested in many ways which you can observe in your day to day lives….Much Gratitude to DEEPAK Sir and all other healers.

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