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Would like to explain you  my experience about his healing techniques.
In October 2015 my mother was seriously ill due to Viral Encephalitis. She went into comatose condition within a week of high fever.

Reputed Doctors in Pune treated her with a series of antibiotics and antiviral but she did not respond to medications. She continued to be in coma for about 3 weeks.We tried all types of tests and treatments.During that time I approached Mr. Hardikar.

I had heard about his healing techniques from my father in law.This was the time when doctors had started giving up hope.However, Mr. Hardikar gave us assurance and made us believe that she will come out of this situation.

He started his healing techniques immediately. Initially I felt it very strange to follow what he said. But since I wanted my mother back I followed his advice with full heart.In 2 days time, he informed us in advance that there will be a positive response from my mother in next 24 hrs as he was sensing something good through his healing sessions.

To our surprise she responded to doctors actions and slowly started opening her eyes. It took many days for her to recover her consciousness. 

But from thereon the  recovery started.Later there were hospital acquired infections which  gave us another scare. But I continued to follow Mr. Hardikars advice till she was discharged from hospital.The whole process lasted 2 months. 

I am so happy my mother is fit and fine now with only some minor health issue after coming out of such major illness. I am still thankful to Mr. Hardikar for his great efforts in healing my mother. If you need the discharge summary I am ready to send it for your reference.

Rohan Yadvadkar