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Any healer would face such questions within oneself:

  1. Whom Should we heal?
  2. When shud we heal?
  3. How shud we heal?
    These are the very basics that a healer comes across time to time. Guidelines given below
    are helpful in spiritual healing.

  1. Heal that which needs a healing!
    One should understand what is meant by thus saying. Normally, this is very simple when
    one asks for a healing. The need of the person is well established by this asking. But at
    times, it could be such that the one who needs healing is not asking for a healing, but you
    or that persons close one could feel that healing is needed. Now the feeling so as regards
    the other being in need of healing could arise for you through an element of care or an
    element of superiority or even an element of dissent.
    As a healer, you must always seek permission for this healing. If the healing has not
    been asked for, it is even more important to have this permission. This silent and inner
    permission is received only if you are respectful towards the other’s freewill. It is
    important that healing is never forced upon anybody.
  1. Heal when you are in the relaxed frame!
    If you are yourself tense on account of any reason, you should avoid healing. In the tense
    state you should particularly avoid healing that very condition that caused tension. In
    short, if anger has gripped you for any reason, you should avoid healing until you are
    angry. Or, if you are inclined to exercise your power and superiority through the healing,
    you should avoid healing.
  1. Allow for the freewill process!
    You must be detached with the healee or the outcome when healing. It is important to
    allow the healee process the outcome through own freewill. Your role when healing is
    best when limited to a witness mode. Refrain from using forceful methods of pushing
    through your wish. Refrain from using manipulative methods to process the outcome.
    These ways are severely damaging to your own self.
    Remember that healing is a process of doing good and there is all love in this. And love
    flows by itself. It does not require any forceful push.


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