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In what way is System Brahma Satya energy healing system special?

System Brahma Satya (SBS) is an ancient Indian origin based energy healing system started by Deepak Hardikar, an engineer turned spiritualist. It is a new age system which takes into account the needs of the modern man. It explains the basis of energy healing and focuses on making a sound foundation with constructive logical explanations. Its energies are seen to be much higher and different from other healing systems, and the techniques taught range through a vast variety of fast and effective healing methods.

Will I get depleted when practicing SBS?

No. When using SBS, one does not utilize personal energy of the healer; rather it is universal core energy or Shiva-Shakti energy that is used. Thus, the healer does not get depleted.

Will I get affected by the problems of those I try to heal?

No. SBS teaches you an effective method of shielding that does not allow the afflictions of others to stick to the healer.

How is Distance Healing possible?

Energy exists everywhere around us, and our intentions can bring about a change in these energies. It does not matter whether the energy is in our immediate surroundings or at a distance.

I don’t have much free time and cannot devote an hour everyday to practicing healing. What should I do?

SBS has the perfect solution to this problem. Spiritual healing techniques like Karmagini Yog taught by SBS require only 5 to 7 minutes of daily practice.

How can just a 1-day workshop teach me to heal myself or others?

A one day healing workshop cannot teach you to heal. It can only attune you to the universal energies and empower you with the techniques needed. It is only your regular practice of these techniques that can teach you to heal yourself or others.

Everyone around me is very negative. How can healing myself stop that?

Healing yourself on a regular basis strengthens you in such a way that physically your immune system becomes stronger, your chakras start working efficiently, your aura becomes stronger and you are then protected from any negativity in your surroundings. SBS can also teach you specific shielding methods to prevent any negative energy from entering your auric space.

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